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Tennis Rally Drills. 1 Minute Rally and Swap. view drill. 2 points per rally view drill. Agility Rally Volley view drill. 4 in a Row view drill. All The Way view drill.

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Tennis Drills. Tennis Forehand Consistency Drill. 3:36. Tennis Serve Placement Consistency Drill. 5:37. Playing Bob Tennis Serve Drill. 4:37. Volley Tennis Drill. 2:18.

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Tennis Consistency and accuracy Rally Drills -Players hit forehands aiming for the line. -Players maintain high net clearance to achieve consistency. -Three points are deducted from the final score (i.e. the rally count) for each shot that was hit into the net. -After 2 minutes see which pair held the longest rally.

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Tennis Rally Drills. Coach Gary February 27, 2017. In case you are the average tennis player or coach wanting to step your coaching game up our playlist of hundreds ...

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Crosscourt and Down The Line Drill. Tennis Drills - Two Players Length Drill. Two Players Length Drill. Exploiting The Backhand Drill. Tennis Drills - One Minute Tempo. Tennis Drills - Alley Drill #1. Tennis Drills - Alley Drill #2. Tennis Drills - Alley Drill #3. Tennis Drills - Aggressive Slice Rally Drill.

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Tennis Drill #1: OUT-RALLY YOUR OPPONENT. The goal here is to keep the tennis ball in play until the opponent misses so you win the point. Your task is to avoid any errors by playing safely and retrieving all of your opponent’s shots. At the same time, you want to hit the tennis ball deep enough to prevent the opponent from becoming too aggressive.

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How to: Have 4-5 kids/students stand in a line behind each other on the left side of the court near the baseline. Mark the areas on the court starting from the feet of the first student and ending on the left pole of the net in such a... Ask the first kid in the line to stand on his right leg and ...